Sayuri Healing Food Academy

Ambassador Program

Become a Sayuri Healing Food Ambassador

and get 30% commission!

Are you ready for an exciting journey as a Sayuri Healing Food Ambassador?

Do you wish to share the magical experience you had with us with more people and your friends?

If so, we’ve crafted THREE exciting programs exclusively for our alumni worldwide!

There are no registration requires for 1 & 2, so feel free to use them anytime and get the great deal! 

1. Referral Program: Earn 30% Commission for Bali Trainings & Retreats

   – Share the magic of our Bali trainings & retreats happening from now until July 2024 with your friends & followers!

   – Your friends receive 25% discount off the full price when they use your own special code.

   – When someone purchases our courses with your special code, you’ll earn a 30% commission (limited to English trainings & Retreats)

2. Exclusive 30% Discount on Any Bali Trainings & Retreats

   – Join us in Bali for any of our trainings & retreats from now until July 2024 and enjoy a 30% discount off the full price.

3. Become an Affiliate and Earn 30% from Our Online Academy 

   – Explore all of our online trainings and courses, and enjoy a 30% discount off the current price.

   – Become an affiliate for our online course and unlock a rewarding 30% commission

How to get started?

1. Referral Program for Bali Trainings & Retreats:

   – No need to register or anything. Simply, create your own special code (YOURNAME25OFFYOUREMAIL) by yourself, and use it to promote us on your social media or any of your channels! Feel free to use any of the photos from our website! on each training page, there are many great photos! If you need any specific photos and videos, please contact us and we will share of what we have. When someone purchases our courses with your special code, you’ll earn a 30% commission, paid out monthly (after deducting transfer fees).

e.g. if Bobby wants to promote us, and his email is bobbysmith@gmail, his SPECIAL CODE is  BOBBY25OFFbobbysmith@gmail.com

   – Share it with friends to grant them a 25% discount on Sayuri Healing Food Academy chef trainings & retreat from now until July 2024 .

   – Encourage them to visit https://sayurihealingfood.com/bali-academy to explore available courses.

   – To book with the discount, instruct them to email education@sayurihealingfood.com using the your own special code.

Here’s an example text:

” Do not miss a 25% discount for Sayuri Healing Food Academy chef trainings this year! Check out the available courses at https://sayurihealingfood.com/bali-academy/. To book with the discount, please send an email to education@sayurihealingfood.com using this special code BOBBY25OFFbobbysmith@gmail.com.”

2. 30% Discount on Bali Trainings & Retreats:

   – To secure your spot with a fantastic 30% discount, email education@sayurihealingfood.com with the code “30ALUMNI.”

   – Include details about the year, month, training name, and level you’ve completed with us.

3. Join Our Affiliate Program for the Online Academy:

   – Take the first step by registering at https://www.sayurionlineacademy.com/become-an-affiliate.

You will be guided to a page containing your unique links, which you can use to promote our online academy courses. When someone purchases our online academy courses through your links, you will earn a 30% commission, paid out monthly by Paypal (after deducting transfer fees).

Let’s share the joy of Sayuri Healing Food together!