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    If so, please let us know the name of the training and year and month. Training Name & Level (e.g. Raw Chef Training Level 1)

    Please let us know if you have any food allergies we need to be aware of (kindly mention whether it is a food allergy or food intolerance, as there are fundamental differences). You are responsible for advising us of the type and severity of your condition. Reactions due to food allergies and sensitivities are included as risks associated with culinary classes.

    During the class, we may take some photos and short videos, which shall serve as a group memory for our students and also for our social media posting purposes.
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    I understand that the activity I am participating in may be hazardous and/or include physical and/or strenuous activity, that serious accidents occasionally occur during the said activity, and that participants in the said activity can sometimes sustain personal injuries as a consequence thereof. Knowing the risks involved, nevertheless, I have voluntarily applied to participate in said activity, and I at this moment agree to assume any chances of injury or death and to release and hold harmless Sayuri Healing Food academy and its directors, members and managers, and all other members of its cooking school staff whether contracted or employed, who might otherwise be liable to me. I further understand and agree that this Waiver, release, and assumption of risks is binding on my heirs and assigns.