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Vegan Cheese Cookbook

Who loves cheese and why do you love cheese? Well, I do love it! I love its creaminess, deeply complex flavor, salty, sweet and melting-in-the-mouth feel! What if I tell you that you can create healthy, delicious vegan cheese without dairy and gluten? That sounds almost too good to be true but those things exist, and they are even beneficial for our health when we get into fermentation.

I am sharing all my enthusiasm and all the tips and tricks with you! I ensure you to make delicious, satisfying, healthy cheese that brings a flavor explosion to your mouth! Learning vegan cheese is about bringing excitement to your life. Learning fermentation is about connecting to the wonder of nature! You will be working with living microorganisms and you will be cultivating the relationship with them!

In this cookbook, you will learn many different types of cheese. The 1st chapter is about vegan cheese without fermentation, cooked and raw, it is about how to recreate cheesy flavor, and the family-proven comfort cheese recipes and cheese dishes that everyone loves! The 2nd chapter is to get into fermentation. Here comes the fun! Not only does this cheese make you happy but also your gut microbes will greatly appreciate it. It’s about making cheese with different flavors and shapes; sliceable aged cheese, logs, and balls.

The 3rd chapter is about using molds to make camembert and blue cheese. You will learn the characteristics of lactic acid bacteria, and the unique characteristics of camembert and blue cheese mold. The 4th chapter is about condiments such as chutney, raw breads and crackers, candies, and nuts to accompany the cheese plate and cheese board. The last chapter is about cheese-related desserts such as cheesecake and baked cake with cream cheese frosting.


I wish your healthy yummy cheese make people happy and full, bringing joy and love to yourself, your family and to your loved ones!!


Sayuri’s Raw Food Café

Vol. 1

Experience the real nourishment by her Happy and energizing food! Vegan, raw food chef, Sayuri Tanaka shares full of eye-opening tips and tricks! Over 120 mouth-watering recipes from smoothies, breakfasts, soups, dips, salads and dressings, Sayuri’s famous salad toppings, main course by the themes, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Indian, Balinese, Korean etc., crackers and breads, warps and desserts. It also includes the essential techniques on soaking and sprouting, nut milk, fermentation, dehydration, tempering, kitchen staple, equipment and gadgets. Sayuri’s unique recipes and desserts such as tempeh sate,no1 cheese cake will easily guide you toward raw food life style to enhance the quality of your every day life to be more vibrant and shining. To be healthy on your body and soul and the planet.
She is the author of the book “Food for Yogis and everybody”, easy and quick vegan recipes, and many more.

Words from the world yogis…

“Sayuri is an amazing chef and Yogi with a remarkable understanding of the medicinal properties of food. Her delicious creations are infused with healing energy and love. She makes eating a healthy RAW diet simple, easy and divinely tasty!” -Rolf & Marci Naujokat, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

“From the first moment I met Sayuri I had a happy feeling. She is one of the most beautiful people I know on the planet. And her food is so good. It’s a winning combination – a happy, loving, joyful chef putting her creativity and good intentions into the vibrant and delicious food she is preparing. Every mealtime becomes something special. You cannot get better than that – she’s SO GOOD!—” Mark Robberds, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

“I would cross oceans to be able to enjoy Sayuri’s food and In fact i have! Sayuri’s food is super healthy, full of life and love and is without a doubt the most beautiful, creative and delicious food i have ever had the pleasure to eat. Eating will never be the same again!” -Tarik Thami, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

“Sayuri is a rare and unique gift to the world of raw food cuisine. Our time in the yoga retreats has been more enjoyable due to Sayuri’s culinary expertise. She has a wide knowledge of the subject and there is no end to her creativity. For anyone wishing to bring something extra to any yoga retreat or training, Sayuri is that something.” – Petri Raisanen and Wambui Njuguna, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

Sayuri’s Raw Food Café

Vol. 2

Just so you know that you don’t have to be raw foodies to enjoy all those meals just like you don’t have to be Italian to enjoy Italian dishes :) So sit back and relax, now we can enjoy all-raw scrambled “eggs” eggplant-bacon, “bread,” “butter,” many varieties of salads and dressings, fermented vegetables, fun salad sprinkles, serious fermented cheeses for Italian feasts, pizza, tortellini, ravioli, “caviar,” American burgers and chips, sandwiches, Indian curry and chapattis, Japanese tofu and super nori rolls, Asian favorites, sweet and sour, ramen noodles, Mexican lasagna, enchiladas and nachos, Middle Eastern falafel with hummus and harissa, tabouli, Spanish tapas and omelettes, chocolate banana pie, cheesecake and more in the most delicious, healthy, vibrant way!

What if “we are what we eat”? What if we become what we eat? Would you like to become a fresh, juicy, pure, sexy, vibrantly colorful, highly vibrational tomato rather than tomatoes in a tin?! The higher vibration a food has, the more you will shine! Yes!, Those raw, living foods have the potential to make you sparkle! All the dis-ease and problems arise because we become too disconnected to nature. So it is important to harmonize with it. Those foods are the medium between nature/universe and us. When we are aligned with nature, our body works perfectly as it should be and our body will (re-) gain the ability to eliminate the wastes and to rebuild or heal by itself. That’s the key for the optimum health!
So blossom your creativity and make your food exciting and attractive, and enjoy making sexy, juicy, delicious food‼ What food/energy do you want to become?

The words from the world yogis…

Sayuri is a master chef and a true inspiration in the raw food world. Her creativity and passion create healthy meals that satisfy the palate of any conscious food lover. Her delectable desserts are beyond words.
– Laura Pellegrini and Pedro Rubio, directors of Ashtanga Yoga, Peru

Sayuri and her cuisine are beacons of sattvic light! Her creative spark and grounded integrity come through in every delicious, illuminating morsel. She not only researches and respects the traditional preparation of global foods, she actually improves upon classical recipes. Thus, she is taking gourmet nutrition forward with each and every plate that she so skillfully designs. It is a divine treat to enjoy her company, teachings, and her food. The food she is making on this very morning will be the food that is served in the finest health restaurants around the world in the next decade! Take the chance to see just how real, how easy, and how magical the world’s superfoods can be!
-Dylan Bernstein, Ashtanga yoga teacher, Hong Kong

Author bio
Sayuri Tanaka
Retreat chef and raw food trainer

As a raw/vegan/macrobiotic chef and teacher, Sayuri offers an experience of what it’s truly like for the body to be nourished and the heart to be opened through her food. As a teacher, she demonstrates the simplicity of physical and spiritual transformation through food. For a decade, this knowledge has taken her around the world to share with others. Being a yoga practitioner herself, Sayuri has catered for yoga retreats in India, Bali, Australia, North and South America, and Europe, and studied at some of the great academies and institutes of raw food and macrobiotics, giving her a greater understanding of preparing foods for yogis’ individual needs.

Sayuri encourages and promotes a healthy, sustainable, and highly conscious lifestyle for all of us, the earth, and the future through teaching about raw food and holding cooking workshops and training around the world, and by sharing the love and knowledge she has within.

As yoga transforms you, so does her food—guaranteed!.

Sayuri’s raw dream sweets

Welcome to the best raw food introduction! If you are new to raw food, or are already enticed by raw foods and want to introduce its wonderful benefits to your loved ones and family, yes, raw sweets are the perfect start because they are simply by far more delicious, healthy, nutritious, and charged full of enzymes and love‼
Isn’t it like a dream come true that all these fancy desserts are made without animal products, wheat, or white sugar and all the muffins and cookies are made without baking! Banana pancakes, muffins, crepes, banana bread, fig comport, jam, “cream cheese,” “Nutella,” vanilla whippy cream, delicate mousses and puddings, serious cakes and crumbles, tiramisu, doughnuts and frostings, a variety of cheesecakes with swirls, dreamy yummy pies, cookies and biscuits, chocolates and truffles, “snickers bars” and fudges, superfood power bliss balls, delicious ice creams and banana splits—all dairy-, wheat- and white-sugar free! It’s almost too good to be true but these desserts do exist! This book is for all the sweets lovers who want to fully enjoy and indulge in desserts without worrying about gaining weight, (oops, depend how much you eat though :)

The words from the world yogis…

To make delicious and nutritious raw food is a great skill. Sayuri, however, accomplishes this and takes it to another level—art. Everything she creates—including this book—she infuses with beauty, grace, and her infectious smile. If we can glean even a little of her joy in food, we will be smiling too.
-by Daniel Aaron, director of Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Bali

I still remember the excitement when I first tried her food. Not only beautiful, colorful presentation and creativity, her food always fills me with joy, contentment and deep love. Her food teaches me the importance of good nourishing food and the joy of eating & preparing. May more & more people be nourished their heart with her food!
-by Aki Tsugawa, Ashtanga teacher, Japan

Sayuri’s Food for Yogis

and Everyone

Vegan raw food chef Sayuri Tanaka offers the experience of what it’s really like to nourish your body and heart through her food. Being a yoga practitioner herself, she has been preparing food for thousands of yogis for many years and has finally put it all together. You’ll enjoy the recipes that have world-wide reputations, such as Thai pumpkin coconut soup, Pad Thai noodles, Koran savory pancakes, tofu pizza, quinoa salad, tofu dips and carrot dips, baked spring rolls, tempeh burgers, unique pasta recipes, Indian meals, Chinese sweet and sour, Balinese tempeh sate, muffins, the most famous easy tofu chocolate pie and more! It also includes the essential techniques on nut milk, cooking grains and beans, kitchen staples, equipment and gadgets, as well as an introduction to raw recipes. The best part of her recipes is—they’re all super simple. Anyone can create them.

You are guaranteed to feel joy making these recipes, resulting in happiness for your body and your heart. As yoga transforms you, so does her food—guaranteed!

She presents the recipes as a guideline for you to set yourself free and be creative and experimental in life. She demonstrates that preparing food is fun and enjoyable and a special way to make yourself happy,
to make people around you happy and full, to make the world better, and to make our future beautiful!
She wishes for readers to experience the real nourishment of making food for others, which has always been for herself. She is the author of the book, Sayuri’s Raw Food Café and many more.

The words from the world yogis…

“When any action is born of the seed of pure intension, when it is carried out with clarity and love, the energy produced is potent and transformative. Light, clear, fresh, alive, pure radiant and joyful. These are words that describe both Sayuri and her cooking. Makes you smile in anticipation.”
– Dena Kingsburg, Ashtanga yoga teacher, Australia

“Sayuri’s food is some of our favorite around the world. Taste and health combines in her delicious dishes – we could eat it all day, all year!”
– Kino Macgregor & Tim Feldman, Ashtanga yoga teacher, USA

“I love Sayuri’s food! She never stops improving and creating more amazing dishes and recipes. Many friends in the yoga and healthy food communities agree with me that she is our favorite chef by far. Yummy food, yummy vibe.”
– Clayton Horton, Ashtanga yoga teacher, Philippine