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Learn all about fermentation for a happy gut!

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Our guts have been loudly asking us for more pro- and prebiotic-rich foods and for more flavourful plant-based dishes!

*This course is predominantly raw food but partially include fermented cooked item such as tempeh, miso and its dish variations. (See the full description on CURRICULUM TAB)
We are passionate, fascinated, and yes, obsessed by the world of fermentation. We love brewing, cultivating microorganisms, and creating the deeply flavoured living foods that bring us health and joy. This century-old preservation tradition has found its way back into modern kitchens as our need and desire for healthier and less processed foods has increased.
This training will take you way beyond simple sauerkraut. We will introduce a wide variety of fermented foods into your life and empower you to cultivate a friendly and confident relationship with your chosen bacteria, moulds, and yeasts. We will learn how to troubleshoot and understand how to avoid unwanted organisms, and most importantly we will learn how fermented foods help us feel awesome every day, super motivated in life, and are a fabulous tool to create sustainably radiant health in our every life! We will talk about the importance of fermented food & gut health, and how vital it is to have a healthy internal microbial environment for our physical and physiological health.
You are a seasoned chef or a passionate home cook and want to bring more flavour into your raw and vegan cooking?
You have been paying a little fortune for plant-based yogurt, kimchi, and kefir and want to learn how to make them yourself?
You have already mastered kimchi but want to explore more?
You want to heal your gut and restore a healthy intestinal flora?
You are simply curious and love the idea of cultivating bacteria and yeasts?
Then our Fermentation training is for you! We invite you all to join us in our buzzing Sayuri Healing Food Academy just behind the Sayuri Healing Food Café, and learn the techniques, specialty ingredients, and tricks of the trade required to set up your very own fermentation kitchen and start brewing.

In our FERMENTATION CHEF Level 1 training, we will be reviewing all the basic ferments such as sauerkraut, kimchi, water kefir and its great new variations, be making different types of fermented food such as fruits kvass, fermented raw wraps, breads & crackers, how to make miso, and Japanese & Chinese recipe variations using miso, how to make vegan staple, tempeh and its recipe variations, yoghurt, fermented fruits jam & cultured butter, fermented dressings & salad toppings, tree-nut aged cheese, probiotic desserts and many more! (See the full description on CURRICULUM TAB)
At the end of the training, you will receive a FERMENTATION CHEF Level 1 CERTIFICATE from Sayuri Healing Food Academy (See CERTIFICATE TAB for more info). After graduation, you can move onto our Level 2 training, or choose another TRAININGS AND COURSES ONLINE and OFFLINE!
You will have hands-on practice at our fully equipped workstations, where you will work in teams to replicate and re-create our Sayuri Healing Food recipes, magic and techniques. Each class will have demonstrations and hands-on practice. Our training includes lunch from Sayuri Healing Food Café combined with the meals that you will make during the classes, a field trip related to the training content, and a final graduation party. As optional activities, we invite people to a group dinner at our popular plant-based vegan restaurant and we also include a Balinese cultural, spiritual excursion to experience the essence of Bali on a day off.
You will spend quality time with an inspiring group of people from all over the world, sharing your experiences and learning from each other. By the end of the course, not only you will have gained confidence in developing your own raw creations, but also you will make best friends for the rest of your life.

The Indonesian island Bali is a dream destination with Ubud being its spiritual, cultural and artistic center. Ubud is a mecca of raw and vegan restaurants and has some of the world-best yoga centers. Before or after the classes, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the Ubud lifestyle, go to music and dance events and nourish yourself in one of the many spas or nature walks through lush jungles to one of the hundreds of waterfalls in the closer surroundings.
During our trainings we encourage and facilitate participants to work together as a team and to create food magic together. When we can create something together with others, the joy, excitement and rewards multiply. The whole experience is so much more than just learning amazing recipes and cook delicious dishes (although this is an important part of the training, too😊). After the training, what usually stays with each one of us, are the friendships we make, the experiences we go through together and the feelings and emotions we share. It is truly a life-time experience!
The training ends with a final project in which you will apply all skills and knowledge you learned to develop your own creations. There are many highlights in our in-person trainings, but this is one of the top experiences because you will witness with your own eyes the magic of love of your creation and the transformation and heart-opening of the people with the food that you create.

Our Bali Academy classroom is located within the premisses of Sayuri Healing Food Café, where you can hang out, relax and connect with each other to build a beautiful community!! You will have sufficient time to enjoy the vibrant life happening in the cafe, have some coffee and our famous desserts and join many events happening at our studio!

Meet out teachers:

Please see this page to see our instructors.

Our instructors take turns.

If you want to know who are teaching in the specific training,  please contact us at education@sayurihealingfood.com

Fermenting at home is such a fun to witness the living life in your kitchen – this is the best part of it! – It is not about recipes but it is about understanding the nature. The ferment changes and adjusts themselves according to the surrounding environment – temperature, humidity, surrounding microbes in the air, and they even catch the energy of you and around you. You will surprise how it comes out differently from the region to region, person to person. What you make will become one and only unique to yourself and ultimately this is a medicine to your family!!
So, come and join, and let’s have fun begin!

“This fermentation course truly exceeded our expectations. Fermentation is a daunting subject, at least it was, until we took this course with sayuri healing food team. They made these techniques seem so simple and accessible. Now we know how easy it is and we have confidently added many of these amazing recipes into our daily meals. We learned how to make an absolute plethora of different fermented foods; miso, kombucha, water kefir, cheeses, sauerkraut, kimchi, incredible tempeh, vegan yogurts, a delectable cheesecake, and so much more. We learned techniques to enhance our ferments with complimentary flavors and spices.They are excellent teachers, who share the knowledge and magic of fermentation in the most generous way.If you want to take your food and health to the next level, then this course can take you there.”

– Rolf & Marci Naujokat
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