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Plant-Based Raw Food Mastery

8 classes in 4 days

Learn essential raw vegan food preparation skills, understand the health benefits and create mouth-watering recipes!

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18-21 Sep 2024


20-23 Nov 2024


18-21 Dec 2024


Course information

This is an invitation to take a glance at vibrant raw-living food and its healthy lifestyle. Come and geta taste of it!

In our 4 day raw food intensive course in demo-style, we will introduce a broad overview of raw food techniques to create our favorite raw vegan food recipes!
If you have tasted the delicious raw vegan food at our Sayuri Healing Food Café, and if you are inspired to take the next step and want to learn how to cook by yourself, this is the perfect course for you!
We will cover all the essentials to kickstart your raw food preparation journey and how to live a healthy raw food lifestyle. We will talk about what raw food & vegan diet means and why they are a great choice for your body, heart and soul. We will help you to get started by introducing what to buy to stock up your raw food pantry and which equipment you will need.
If you do not have time to take our longer Raw Chef Training Level 1 , it is a great option to start with this one!

You will learn about superfoods, how to use essential raw food gadgets like vita mix, the dehydrator, food processors and juicers. We will look into the basic skills such as preparing nut milk, smoothies and alkalizing juices to stay healthy.
We will also learn about healthy easy breakfasts such as chia porridge, quick and easy but wow! delicious marinara pasta, cashew parmesan, creamy soups, nori rolls, burgers, our famous pad Thai noodles with sweet tamarind sauce and “stir-fry” veggies.
Additionally, we will cover easy and healthy sweet and savory snacks such as chocolate balls, hummus and un-tuna paté.
We will dive deeper into the world of great sauces and condiments that you will want to stock up at all time for yourself and family such as chocolate ganache, sesame ginger dressing, vegan ketchup and vegan mayonnaise.
Last but not least, we will have a look at delicious, dehydrated items such as corn chips, bread loafs and crackers, which can be enjoyed with fermented soft nut cheese of your own choice and flavor.
The cherry on the cake will be a glance at the most essential and popular fermented foods and drinks for your gut health such as kimchi, water kefir and kombucha.

Mastering raw food recipes is not about just following the recipe, but also about understanding the philosophy behind from the scratch and realizing how much variety you will be able to create once you understand the fundamental principles of this culinary art!