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Master the art of Vegan Cheese!

Learn how to make Vegan cheese! From simple parmesan to artisan aged cheese. In this 4 classes (in 2 days), you will learn basic tree nuts fermentation to create your own flavored cheese forming into ball, log, in mold, cheese variation of cheddar dip(cooked), mozzarella & caprese (cooked), some fun & easy kid’s favorite cooked cheese recipes such as mac & cheese (cooked), parmesan, cheesecake, etc.

You will also learn the accompaniment for cheese such as dehydrated raw bread & cracker, condiment such as chutney, candied almonds, balsamic reduction. Aging process, molded blue & camembert cheese (with spore) process will be explained. Last class will be the cheese tasting party with the beautiful cheese plating technic. Please be noted : Aging & molding process take weeks in reality to get the result. In the class, we will demonstrate how to start, and the process will be EXPLAINED, and you will taste the end products. If you want to experience the process, we will also teach this in fermentation level 2. 
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