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Bali Raw Chef Trainings!

Receive easily applicable nutritional information with a wide-open view of raw & plant-based nutrition from a modern scientific and a traditional Eastern perspective. Gain not only certification but also the full confidence to apply and integrate your knowledge into your daily life and the full enthusiasm to share your passion with the world.

True understanding comes from experience. Our Bali Raw Food Chef Trainings are immersions into a vibrant raw-living food lifestyle. Whether you are searching for a new beginning or purpose to your life, wanting to shift old paradigms and beliefs, simply seeking more nutritional confidence and hands-on skills, or wanting to open your own health food shop or raw food café, our courses are for you! 

At fully equipped workstations you will work in teams to replicate and re-create our Sayuri Healing Food recipes, magic and techniques. You will attend lectures, go on field trips and spend quality time with an inspiring group of people from all over the world. Each course culminates in a final project in which you will apply all your freshly acquired skills and knowledge and develop your own raw creations. Students receive a Sayuri Healing Food Academy certificate.

Through the experience we will share, we will re-connect ourselves to nature to restore and reinforce our health &  find our individual paths to a sustainable, radiant and healthy lifestyle!

Dis-ease, is simply dis-harmony from nature. If we align ourselves with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit will function perfectly, just the way they were designed to. We firmly believe that “what we eat” is one of the easiest ways to access that alignment.

Why do we eat? What is food? What are we made of? If we give off or even are energy & vibration, why don’t we eat light & higher vibration? These are some of the many questions we will examine throughout the training.

Our passion is to share, teach & remind ourselves that we all are fountains of potential. You can do anything you want & you can become anything you want to become. Food is our tool to discover that. For some people, it is painting,  singing,  playing music, or mediation. We will learn tools to help you discover your true purpose, your dharma, for yourself and all living beings. All this is possible from the simple act of eating!

From Sayuri’s experience, raw-living cuisine is all about playing with flavour, texture & colour! Preparing living food is by far one of the most beautiful works/acts that you can contribute to yourself and to the world. Your life becomes a full spectrum of colours, fruits & flowers, full of joy & excitement, of vibrations through veggies & plants, full of appreciation & gratitude for being nourished by nourishing others, and by becoming the bridge between them & mother earth. We will share all our tips to create fun and vibrant raw dishes whether you want to recreate your old traditional dishes or create a totally new contemporary extravaganza. We guarantee you will end up being amazed at how amazing you are!



Practical skills*

  • Nut milk, smoothie & juice, difference & formulation
  • Fermentation: coconut yogurt, cheese, kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, water kefir
  • Dressing variations & formulation, how to adjust/fix flavours
  • Healthy breakfast: chia porridge, granola, bread and “butter”
  • Italian: pasta, sauces & dips, cheese, pizza
  • Mexican: taco “meat”, fruit salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cacao mole
  • Japanese: nori roll, “tuna” pate, jicama rice, Asian dressing
  • Indian: curry spice mixture, samosa, north Indian curry, biryani rice
  • Middle Eastern: hummus, harissa, tabouli, falafel
  • American diner: burger, jicama wedges, BBQ ketchup, mayo & mustard
  • Thai: Pad Thai noodles & Thai spice mix
  • Desserts: easy chocolate (without tempering), cheesecake & swirl technique, bliss balls, chocolate pie, carrot cake & frosting
  • Dehydration: crackers, salad sprinkles, samosa wrap, pizza crust
  • Soups, dips, patés, spreads
  • Reading and understanding recipes, creating your own group project
  • Soft cheese and its plating & presentation, flavour combinations
  • Jamu – traditional medicinal tea from Indonesia & healing herbs

* you will be working at stations of 4 students.


  • What is raw living food and why
  • Fermentation, soaking & activating & sprouting
  • Superfoods
  • How to manage a raw kitchen pantry
  • Knife skills & safety
  • Complementary flavors, ethnic flavors & their formulation, food evaluation
  • Understanding sweeteners and finding the best for your individual needs
  • Unique characters of Thickeners & Binders
  • Dehydration: How it works and Tips for food recycling
  • Clever food recycling not only to avoid waste but also transform into wow-dishes
  • Herbs & spices: identification & use
  • Western nutrition perspective
  • Macronutrients and Micronutrients
  • Important role of fat: Omega 3 & 6
  • Phytonutrients, antioxidants
  • Eastern perspective
  • Tonic herbal system :Yin Yang, 3 treasures – Jing, Chi, Shen, “Adaptogens”
  • Tonic herb individual details & tonic formulas to support raw food diet
  • Ayurvedic perspective 101
  • Food combining
  • Acid and Alkaline
  • Safe usage of equipment
  • How to balance flavours

Field trips & extras

  • Spirulina Farm Trip: see the process of cultivating and harvesting the best tasting and freshest spirulina
  • Visit a local raw chocolate shop with tasting (you can purchase Balinese raw chocolate ingredients here)
  • Kitchen tour at one of Ubud’s leading plant-based restaurants with the raw chef’s special tasting lunch plate

(Ella or Sayuri will be your principal teacher depending on our schedule)

Eléanore Julius

Naturopath, homeopathic practitioner, holistic nutritionist, raw food instructor, and vegan cookbook author. Former Matthew Kenney instructor. Passionate about learning and sharing ways to live a socially fair, ecologically sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and healthy life.

Sayuri Tanaka

Vegan & raw retreat chef & raw food trainer, founder of “Sayuri Healing Food”, co-founder of the other raw vegan café in Bali. Passionate to share & bring light, joy, excitement & playfulness to the world! Enthusiastic to assist your individual journey to re- discover each gift of who you truly are through retreats and raw food chef trainings that she facilities in Bali and around the world. Raw-sweet enthusiasm both to create & eat ;)

Dates & Schedule


7-20 Oct – FULL (this course is followed by a week-long level 2 course/optional)


11-24 January (this course is followed by a week-long level 2 course/optional)
7-20 March
9-22 May (this course is followed by a week-long level 2 course/optional)
11-24 July
1-14 September (this course is followed by a week-long level 2 course/optional)
7-20 November (this course is followed by a week-long level 2 course/optional)

Our training is purposefully condensed from 9.30 to 3.30 every day to give you the opportunity to discover the incredible variety of plant-based cafés and restaurants in Ubud. We will provide you with a list of our favourites and highly recommend you try them out to widen your experience! Go in groups and taste and share!

We start at 9.30 to give you the time to attend yoga classes before or after class.


Class Days:

9:30-11:15 Class or Lecture
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-13:15 Class or Lecture
13:15-13:45 Lunch Break
13:45-15:30 Class or Lecture

First day:

Welcome circle/dinner at 5 pm
No class on the first/welcome day.

Last day:

Closing Circle until 11 am



1950 USD

* Includes classes, manuals, apron with logo, field trips, lunch on all class days (except on the one day off in the middle of the course), Sayuri Healing Food certificate of Level 1 Raw Culinary Arts (Please note that you will receive a “certification of completion” of a 2-week raw food chef training. Although it is not an accredited license, it documents your acquired knowledge & skills should you want to apply for work in a similar field.)

** Does NOT include flights, accommodation, yoga, breakfast, dinner. 

“Highly recommend this training and Sayuri’s stellar team who will guide you professionally with a mega dose of laughter throughout 2 solid weeks.”

– Noura El-Imam
Graduate level 1 training 2016
Guaranteed safe payment. Excellent customer service
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