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Overview for the Fermentation chef course level 2


Integrate naturally fermented foods and drinks more comprehensively into your lifestyle using more complex live ferments and cultures. Core belief: Having a healthy gut flora is fundamental to a healthy brain-body interaction.

*Pre-requisite: To attend this course, you must have attended our fermentation level 1 training or an equivalent training. (Please contact [email protected] to validate any other training).

We have learned on level 1 about different types of microbes, method of creating fermented foods, fermented drinks (1st and 2nd fermentation), basic fermented plant-based Cheese, and also learning the theory of “Koji” (It’s National fungus of Japan and the fungus has been inoculated over cooked rice grains) and application to Amazake, Shio Koji and Soy sauce Koji.

While you will learn the nature of bacteria and yeast in level 1, during this one-week long Fermentation Chef course Level 2, we will introduce fungus (mold). In order for Those microbes to synergistically works together, we need to understand their growing conditions, environment and its chemical conversation. You will be able to grasp more advanced concepts and comprehend the universal reach of natural Fermentation into every aspect of organic life.

The course will be filled with varieties of exciting fermentation projects such as making your own

Miso using “Koji” mold, blue and camembert cheese using vegan penicillin roqueforti and camembert penicillin molds. Please be noted those molding process take weeks or months in reality to get the result. During the course, you will get to start fermentation, and witness the process for the 1st week, and you will take home with you to continue the aging process. we will surely explain in details how to take care after the week, and we will get to taste the end product as well as application to the dishes such as pizza and gnocchi with blue and camembert cheese. for Miso, we will make varieties of application in Japanese, Korean & Italian dishes.

We will be also learning about different types of fermented beverages (Ginger bug, Japanese Enzyme cordial), Lactic fermentation and making your own fermented pepper sauce and delicious pickles.

Students will be making many we made in the class and you will be able to recreate these probiotic rich foods for your friends and family at home!

At the end of the course, you will be presenting your own vibrant plant based dishes using your own fermented products at “POP UP SAYURI HEALING FOOD MARKET”.

During this course you will gain:

  • More confidence in making fermented foods, beverages, seasonings at home
  • Deeper knowledge, techniques and knowhow in fermenting food
  • Increase your repertoire for energy-boosting delicious plant based dishes
  • Inspiration for your future café menus and commercial products
  • The knowledge of how to incorporate fermented food to your daily meals
  • Fermentation friends and create community!

We invite you all to come and deepen this core, foundational knowledge, enabling you to be able to create your own recipes using ferments or create your own fermented food products!

We eat energy and we exchange the energy of love through food. Give yourself a gift of learning and gaining knowledge and skills to help improve the quality of your life!

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* The course includes: Classes, manuals, field trip. Lunch on all class days, Sayuri Healing Food Training certificate (Please note that you will receive a “certification of completion” of training. Although it is not an a accredited license, it documents your acquired knowledge & skills should you want to apply for work in a similar field)

**Does NOT include flights , accommodation, yoga, breakfast and dinner

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