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Bali’s First Raw Chocolatier Certification!

Raw Chef Training facilitator Sayuri Healing Food and Bali’s only shelf-stable Raw Chocolate factory Elevated Cacao are teaming up to offer you Bali’s one and only Raw Chocolatier Certification Course. After the success of Elevated Cacao’s first Masterclasses at the Sayuri Healing Food Academy, we didn’t want to wait a minute longer to share all we know about raw chocolate-making with you. We believe that raw, vegan, and high-vibrational chocolate enhances our healing processes, rejuvenation, and longevity on the physical, emotional & spiritual levels. For us, there is always more possible. More joy, more vitality, more elevation – in our lives, in our love, and in our food.Whether you want to start or expand your own raw vegan chocolate business, or you simply want to spend a joy-filled week in the wondrous world of raw, vegan chocolate making, this course is for you. In Level 1, you will learn all about the magical world of raw cacao, superfoods, sweeteners, and other chocolate-specific ingredients, and you will be tempering your own raw, vegan chocolate, pralines, mendiants, bars, enrobed delights, and more. We will go on a field trip and visit the Elevated Cacao chocolate factory. Let us blend, dip, sprinkle, splat, marble, and crunch our way to cacao heaven! If “we are what we eat”, what food do we want to become? Have you noticed that when you smile, the whole universe, even your neighbor & the trees, smiles back at you? And do you see the stars in everyone’s eyes when you share a bar of raw chocolate? Let us create those smiles and that joy! We rely on the abundance of Bali to give us the purest and highest- quality ingredients on the planet. Our chocolate will be minimally-processed, hand-crafted, and as kind as possible to our bodies, our fellow living beings, and our planet.

*All the courese includes; classes, manuals, field trip, lunch on all class days, Sayuri Healing Food Training certificate (please note that you will receive a “certification of completion” of a training. Although it is not an accredited license, it documents your acquired knowledge & skills should you want to apply for work in a similar field.)
** Does NOT include flights, accommodation, yoga, breakfast, dinner. 

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