Experience the real nourishment by her Happy and energizing food! Vegan, raw food chef, Sayuri Tanaka shares full of eye-opening tips and tricks! Over 120 mouth-watering recipes from smoothies, breakfasts, soups, dips, salads and dressings, Sayuri’s famous salad toppings, main course by the themes, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Indian, Balinese, Korean etc., crackers and breads, warps and desserts. It also includes the essential techniques on soaking and sprouting, nut milk, fermentation, dehydration, tempering, kitchen staple, equipment and gadgets. Sayuri’s unique recipes and desserts such as tempeh sate,no1 cheese cake will easily guide you toward raw food life style to enhance the quality of your every day life to be more vibrant and shining. To be healthy on your body and soul and the planet.
She is the author of the book “Food for Yogis and everybody”, easy and quick vegan recipes, and many more.

Words from the world yogis…

“Sayuri is an amazing chef and Yogi with a remarkable understanding of the medicinal properties of food. Her delicious creations are infused with healing energy and love. She makes eating a healthy RAW diet simple, easy and divinely tasty!” -Rolf & Marci Naujokat, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

“From the first moment I met Sayuri I had a happy feeling. She is one of the most beautiful people I know on the planet. And her food is so good. It’s a winning combination – a happy, loving, joyful chef putting her creativity and good intentions into the vibrant and delicious food she is preparing. Every mealtime becomes something special. You cannot get better than that – she’s SO GOOD!—” Mark Robberds, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

“I would cross oceans to be able to enjoy Sayuri’s food and In fact i have! Sayuri’s food is super healthy, full of life and love and is without a doubt the most beautiful, creative and delicious food i have ever had the pleasure to eat. Eating will never be the same again!” -Tarik Thami, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher

“Sayuri is a rare and unique gift to the world of raw food cuisine. Our time in the yoga retreats has been more enjoyable due to Sayuri’s culinary expertise. She has a wide knowledge of the subject and there is no end to her creativity. For anyone wishing to bring something extra to any yoga retreat or training, Sayuri is that something.” – Petri Raisanen and Wambui Njuguna, Ashtanga yoga certified teacher