Join us in Bali

Vegan Comfort Food

4 classes in 2 days

Learn how to make some of our Café’s best-seller dishes!


2 – 3 October 2022

$89 / 1,300,000 IDR

Course information

From our Café to your Kitchen!!

Join us to prepare some of our BEST-SELLERS dishes!!

We invite you to our 2-day vegan comfort food course!! to learn about the wonderful world of vegan food!
This 2-day course in demo-style, we’ll share with you some of our most reputable, well-known and best-sellers dishes from our café!
So you can re-create our flavours in the comfort of your place!
You’ll also learn about ingredients, tools, equipment & techniques for you to create the most amazing recipes!

Thriving on plants is one of the best gifts you can give to your body, health and wellness!
Count on us to assist you in that journey!