Our logo represents the circle, “ENSO” – 円相 -, in Zen, translated to “KUU”, –  – , the source or essence, nothing-ness, is the infinity & the whole universe, that everything is inter-connected in a chain of co-becoming and in a state of constant flow.

This place is for us all to become “KUU”, – as the logo of our café represent-, where each one of us become the “shine” on each uniqueness of its existence, which is the pure purpose of here & now for each, therefore it is the most powerful force to impact everything around you.

Have you notice that when you smile today, the whole universe smile, even your neighbor & the trees smile back to you?

So thank you for your smiling today, thank you for being you.

We have ongoing un-cooking & yoga classes and many other “sharing” events expand our creativities to reminds us all that we are the fountain of potential.

The food that we provide, raw-living & gluten-free & simple cooked plant-based food with ethical organic resource where possible, is our first choice.

Did you know that every living being is giving off the light, called “bio-photon”? What if we eat more of the light?

If “we are what we eat”, what food do you want to become?

We serve predominantly raw-living food for its higher light & vibration to enhance our healing process, healthy rejuvenation & longevity in the physical, emotional & spiritual level.

We also serves plant-based gluten-free, simple cooked food incorporating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese, Macrobiotic perspective, which we see the food as “energy”, therefore it helps us to “align with nature”.

If we can align with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit should function perfectly how it supposed to be.

And what if “what we eat” is the easiest access for that alignment?

What if all that radiant-ness within is possible from the simple act of “eating”?

Let our food be the medium for us all to fulfill our each dharma- the true purpose of our here & now on this planet, to activate ourselves to reach our full potential, to heal & balance our body, mind & spirit, for each and for all living beings!

May we all re-connect ourselves to the infinite universe within, find our each individual path for the sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle!

” Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a mystery. “

by Alice Morse Earle

” Eat dessert while it s there! “

– ☺ – our staff.

“Let food be thy medicine.”

by Hippocrates

“let dessert be my breakfast.”

☺ – by Sayuri ( you know how much I love sweets 😉


It s the life-style we want to share! Come & join us and share your gift to the world!

we offer monthly jazz live, weekly mama & baby circle & meditation classes regularly! 

Sunday Jam

 Every Sunday 1 PM


Feels for nice & cozy community get together Sunday afternoon?

We sing, play & chili.

Bring your instrument or yourself.



WABI-SABI – Japanese Culture and Art Gathering

20th Jan 2018  2-4PM onward

Date & time: Jan 20th, from 2:00 PM

Entrance: Free

LIFE is ART! Let’s experience this rich and unique Culture of Japan at Sayuri Healing Food cafe

It’s a experimental spontaneous pop-up event 😉 any idea welcome! Do you want to share something? Can you do some origami, calligraphy, Haiku… ?! Let’s skill share & play, experience of “WABI-SABI”!

We will have:
> Matcha Ceremony (3pm): free demonstration followed by optional DIY ceremony ( DIY cost same as we have on menu)
> Beyond calligraphy: “Etegami” Haiku, affirmation calligraphy, using the art brush 
> Mini-WARAJI (Japanese style slipper) making: limited 6 people 
> Music & singing & Playing 

More details: here


UN-cooking classes, kids cooking classes, Iron chef dinner party, Nutritional talk ect. 



Retreat chef & raw food trainer, founder of Sayuri
Healing Food, Raw/vegan food consultant. Passionate to share & bring light, joy & playfulness to the world! Enthusiastic to assist your individual journey to re-discover the gifts of who you truly are.
Raw sweets anonymous 😉 


Arif Springs

Arif Springs


Originally from West Java, Arif was born into a traditional family and learned grassroots ways to heal using local herbs and spices. In Ubud he was the driving force behind Fresh, an award-winning rawfood restaurant, and has presented his rawfood workshops at several Ubud Writers Festivals
and Ubud Food Festivals.

February 2018 Class Schedule

February 2018 Class Schedule

Monthly Time Table

March 2018 Class Schedule

March 2018 Class Schedule

Monthly Time Table

Raw Chef Training

Dates: 25 Feb – 10 Mar, 13 – 26 May, 7-20 Oct 2018
@Sayuri Healing Food

4-Day Raw Food Intensive Course

4-Day Raw Food Intensive Course

Dates: 6-9th February, 2018
@Sayuri Healing Food

2-Day Raw Food Intensive Course in Jakarta

2-Day Raw Food Intensive Course in Jakarta

Dates: 2-3rd February, 2018

Location: Aspen Kitchen Jakarta JL. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.18, Menteng, Jakarta 10350


JL Sukma kesuma no 2 , Br Tebesaya – Ubud, Peliatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Phone : 0822-4048-5154

Email : info@sayurihealingfood.com

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Sayuri Healing Food Cafe

JL Sukma kesuma no 2 , Br Tebesaya – Ubud, Peliatan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571