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Sayuri Healing Food & Academy

Our place in Bali is a sacred place.

Here we cultivate love, joy, balance and healthy living in all its aspects: from giving back, to having as much fun and joy as we can! From personal growth to sharing this with one another.

In order to achieve this joyful way of living, we have created a place for everyone to join: and tools for everyone to use in order to support you becoming a better person who feels good, looks great and enjoys the dance of life as it happens.

about: sayuri healing food

Our logo represents the circle, “ENSO” – 円相 -, in Zen, translated to “KUU”, – 空 – , the source or essence, nothing-ness, is the infinity & the whole universe, that everything is inter-connected in a chain of co-becoming and in a state of constant flow.

This place is for us all to become “KUU” – as the logo of our café represents – where each one of us becomes the “shine” of the uniqueness of our existence, which is the pure purpose of here & now, therefore the most powerful force to impact everything around you.

Have you notice that when you smile today, the whole universe smiles, even your neighbor & the trees smile back at you? So thank you for smiling today, thank you for being you.

We have ongoing un-cooking & yoga classes and many other “sharing” events to expand our creativity and to remind us that we are all fountains of potential.

The plant-based food that we provide is raw-living, mostly gluten-free with some simply cooked elements. Our first choice is to use ethically and organic-grown resources wherever possible, and we incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Macrobiotic, where we see food as “energy”, therefore helping us to “align with nature”. If we can align with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit should function perfectly how was always supposed to.

What if “what we eat” is the easiest access for that alignment? What if all that radiant-ness within is possible from the simple act of “eating”?

Did you know that every living being gives off light, called “bio-photons”? What if we eat more of the light? If “we are what we eat”, what food do you want to become? We serve predominantly raw-living food for its higher light & vibration to enhance our healing processes, healthy rejuvenation & longevity on the physical, emotional & spiritual level.

Let our food be the medium for us all to fulfill our every dharma – the true purpose of our here & now on this planet, to activate ourselves to reach our full potential, to heal & balance our body, mind & spirit, for each all living beings!

May we re-connect to the infinite universe within, find our every individual path for a sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle!

At the back of our Café garden, we have a studio, where we run many events and yoga programs as well as Sayuri Healing Food Academy, where we share our passion by teaching easily-applicable raw living food & some cooked vegan food preparation combined with plant-based nutrition. At fully equipped workstations you will work in teams to replicate and re-create our Sayuri Healing Food recipes, magic, and techniques. You will attend lectures, go on field trips, and spend quality time with an inspiring group of people from all over the world. Through the experience we re-connect to ourselves & nature to restore & reinforce our health & find our individual paths to a sustainable, radiant, and healthy lifestyle!

We also offer distance learning through our Sayuri Online Academy, so you can enjoy learning anywhere in the world.

Our passion is to share, teach & remind ourselves that we all are fountains of potential. You can do anything you want & you can become anything you want to become. Food is our tool to discover that. We will learn tools to help you discover your true purpose, your dharma, for yourself and all living beings. We firmly believe all this is possible from the simple act of eating! And we firmly believe that “what we eat” is one of the easiest ways to align ourselves with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit!

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Sayuri Tanaka


  • Owner & founder of Sayuri Healing Food Café & Academy
  • Author of several (Raw & Vegan) culinary books
  • Raw-Vegan Food Chef & Trainer
  • International Raw Vegan Retreat organizer & facilitator

As a raw, vegan & macrobiotic chef, Sayuri offers you an experience of what it is truly like for your body to be nourished and your heart to be opened through healing food. As a teacher, she shows you the simplicity of physical and spiritual transformation through the food choices we make.

This knowledge has taken her around the world to share with others for the past decades. She has catered for many yoga retreats in India, Bali, Europe, Australia, North and South America, studied at some of the great academies and learned from well-known raw food chefs. From this experiences and being a dedicated yoga practitioner herself have given her a greater understanding of preparing foods for yogis and each individual needs.

Based in Bali, the healthy lifestyle destination, her raw vegan restaurant, “Sayuri Healing Food Café” is at the cutting edge of a scene that is continuously inspiring many visitors from all around the world. In her restaurant, she shares her love in food that makes your soul happy, nourished & lifted, where the community gets together, where you feel at home & welcome, where you feel good and safe to be your authentic self.

Sayuri Healing Food Academy

Sayuri runs the Sayuri Healing Food Academy, where she shares her passion by teaching easily-applicable raw living food preparations combined with plant-based nutrition, Chinese Tonic Herbs, and a Macrobiotic perspective. It is her nature & passion to assist individual journeys to re-discover each gift of who you truly are through retreats & trainings that she facilities around the world and in Bali.


She is the author of several cookbooks. She has a magical way of making could-be-intimidating raw food preparation simple & encouraging, and she inspires her readers to discover how fun, creative, and heart-nourishing making food can be.

Find more about her cookbooks here: www.amazon.com/author/sayuritanaka

Sayuri encourages and promotes a healthy, sustainable, and highly conscious lifestyle for all living beings, the earth, and the future through teaching about raw food & healthy vegan food around the world, and by sharing the love and knowledge she has within.

She says, “When it comes to raw food, it’s all about the flavor, texture & color! Play with it, have fun & be creative! The excitement, inspiration & love that you put into the food – that is the true nourishment!“

As yoga transforms you, so does her food—guaranteed!

Sayuri’s experience

Since my childhood, cooking has been always my thing as of the influence of my mother.
From early in my age, I’ d been experimenting tofu dessert and cheese without dairy etc., so my enthusiasms toward the healthy food lead me into the natural food cooking carrier naturally.
Working in the Café Eight & Pure Café, vegan cafe in Tokyo established my basic of vegan cuisine after 4 years in the worldwide delicatessen style cafe in Tokyo.
Having studied macrobiotic at Lima Cooking School in Tokyo, self-studied natural hygiene and plant-based nutrition, I found myself in the raw food lifestyle even before I started learning it.
2006, started Ashtanga yoga & travelling to India, Bali, Thailand, Australia and NZ-land searching for yoga and cooking.
2007-11, I cooked/uncooked in the Purple Valley Yoga Retreat Centre in Goa, India, 6 months in a year, prepared meals for 40-70 Yogis, started regular cooking classes.
2009&10, through assisting raw food chefs in Bali at Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training, and working in the raw food café, Samudra, in Australia, I established my carrier as “raw food chef”.
2010-13, catered as a raw food chef for Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training, prepared all-raw meals for 50-80 Yogis, also taught radiantly alive living food chef certification course. Having studied at Matthew Kenny Academy and experience of work-exchange at Dr. Gabrielle Cousin’s rejuvenation center of “Tree of Life” in Arizona around same time helps to established the know-how to teach professionally.
Around the same time, I started organizing yoga retreats in Bali on my own & facilitated many retreats to promote healthy lifestyle through yoga & healthy meal.
Since then, I d been invited to cater for yoga retreats & trainings, and to teach raw food workshops around the world; Green Path Yoga (USA), Menorca yoga retreat (Spain), Triopetra Yoga Retreat (Crete), Tarik Thami s Ashtanga yoga retreat (Morocco), Samudra retreat, Yoga Arts, (Bali), Samahita Yoga Retreat Center for raw food menu consulting (Thailand), Amy Rachell’s Raw Food Chef Certification for teaching raw food (Bali), Rolf & Marci’s Living Yoga Living Food intensive Training for teaching & catering, (India), Ashtanga yoga retreat (Mexico), Ashtanga yoga & Raw food Peru with Mark Robberds, Sacred Valley (Peru, Machu Picchu, ), Mexico Raw workshops (Tulum, Mexico city, Queretaro, Monterrey, Guadalajara), Ashtanga Yoga Peru, ,(Peru), Anokhi Garden Café & Bean Me Up raw food workshops (India), Aspen rawfood workshop (Jakarta), At One Festival (China) and many more.
Since 2010, when I return to my home county Japan every summer, I had been organizing retreats, events, and raw food catering as well as teaching raw food workshops in all over japan from the bottom south Okinawa (at LLMP) to the top north of japan Hokkaido (at Nochiyu), Tokyo (at Veggies, Under the Light Yoga Studio, Rainbow Raw Food Café etc.), Kyoto (at Cacao Magic), Osaka (at Raw 8, Yoga Viola Tricolor Studio), Nagoya (at Mysoul 8 Yoga), Fukuoka (at Ganesha Projects Yoga, Mysore Fukuoka, Food Studio Loop) Oita (at Ashtanga Yoga Center of Beppu), Kagoshima (at Raw Food Meister Kagoshima) Yakushima (at Yakushima South Village) , Miyazaki (at Harmonic Earth), Odawara (at Lomdii yoga studio) Kamakura (at Nahual Garden) , Mie (at Tokihanate), Chiba (at YOGA SOLUNA) and many more cities.
Since 2013-2019, I created pop-up “Sayuri s raw food café” in Tokyo at the Under the light Yoga center, where japan s raw food fan from all over japan comes to taste rate raw food delicious lunch and dessert in this short limited time, where people look forward to meet me and like-minded people annually.
In 2014, I co-established the raw food café & tonic bar, “The Seeds of Life” in Ubud, Bali. I also co-established “The Seeds of Life” raw food chef training and taught 2013-2015 in Bali.
In 2015, I established the vegan & raw food cooking school, “Sayuri Healing Food Academy” in Ubud, Bali and in 2016, I established the vegan & raw food cafe, “Sayuri Healing Food Cafe” where I can share my love and passion through the meals that we provide and through the teaching at our academy.
in 2019, I launched “Sayuri Online Academy” to make our knowledge and passion and deliciousness to reach out more people all around the world.
Since 2020, I had been working on publishing cookbooks. Currently, 5 cookbooks in English and in Japanese are available on amazon and on our website : Sayuri s vegan bookbook, Sayuri s raw food cookbook vol 1 & vol 2, Sayuri s raw dessert cookbook, vegan cheese cookbook.
2022, I became mother of our child that made me to reconfirm how critically important to keep up healthy eating and healthy life style, with good nourishing food, good yoga and excises, and most importantly healthy mindset and I continuously dedicate myself to develop new recipes and courses and trainings to inspire people to live in positive healthy lifestyle to uplift the world.

Sayuri’s journey

“It was my mother introduced me the joy of cooking when I was a kid. Among all my friends, I am well known for my sweet tooth. Yes, I can easily live on sweets unless someone keeps an eye on me!

From an early age, I loved making and eating sweets and tried out all the recipes in the dessert book.

I started sharing with friends. After school, all my friends came to my place waiting for my cookies and cakes to be ready. I never gained weight, no matter how much dessert I ate, until I had to stop club activities to study for high school. That was when I switch my interest to “healthy” desserts. I started making tofu desserts and whole-grain baked goods without dairy and white sugar. The beginning seemed to be good, but at that time all my interest was about calories. I wanted to eat delicious sweets but did not want to gain weight. So I started getting into low-sugar, low-fat, low-calorie sweets that I believed were the healthiest options. I tried all the sugar alternatives available at that time, which I look back on now as the worst choices, such as aspartame and vegan margarines.

As a result, all those chemicals made me out of balance, of course. I became terrified to eat normal sweets. I could not even touch the hearty kind of grandma-made sugary desserts. Then somehow, my extremely “healthy” desserts became my escape.

I filled my loneliness and sadness, anxiety and unfulfilled-ness … all my negative emotions with that food …

So it was revolutionary when I discovered macrobiotics. How fascinating to know that the food we eat reflects on who and how we are and what we think. I understood on a deep level that it actually reflects on everything happening around us. I thought how beautiful it was creating peace and harmony by eating organic, local, seasonal food and balancing our physical and mental states by choosing the constitution of the universal energy of the food. I grasped the potential of food to heal others and myself.

For me, who was brought up with the SAD (Standard American Diet), suddenly everything started making sense. It even changed my way of seeing things. It also changed my whole attitude of “eating,” and I started regaining the joy of eating and sharing that I had been missing so long. What most hooked me were the vegan macrobiotic desserts. Making all the delicious, earthy, grounding goodies was so nurturing and made me feel content. I felt more nourished by sharing and by eating consciously with appreciation. I started exchanging the energy of love by making food for people and by sharing it with others. Suddenly love within started circulating again. Then everything else started flowing.

Having worked ay the world-wide delicatessen style café helps me to understand all the different flavor, and I established my basic foundation of vegan cuisine while cooking at a vegan café called Pure Cafe in Tokyo.

I studied Macrobiotics, a diet which promotes self-healing by balancing the yin and yang aspects of nature and incorporates this into the traditional Japanese diet, at the Lima Cooking School in Tokyo. I also self-studied plant-based nutrition philosophy and Natural Hygiene Diet.

I also started practicing yoga, and that was the beginning of my whole journey. I traveled to India, Bali, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand looking for yoga and the opportunity to cook for people. Along the way, the people I met introduced me to “raw food”. Some of them made nori rolls with avocado, cashew sauce and sprouts (no rice!), and it was exactly the same way I used to make it! I discovered I had been intuitively living the raw food lifestyle before I even knew the name for it and started learning it!

Encounter to “raw food” during my travel, I felt, “this is it!” They were the healthy choices I had been searching for for a long, long time. All the joy, happiness, deliciousness, and sensations were the next level. Although vegan macrobiotic foods were delicious, grounding, and nurturing, raw living foods were absolutely amazing, uplifting, more expressional and sensational, and completely guilt-free!

After traveling for a year, I cooked for yogis and guests at Purple Valley Yoga Retreat Centre in Goa, India for over 4-5 years. I initially cooked vegan and vegetarian meals, but from the requests of the guests as well as my own interest in the subject, my focus shifted more towards raw living food. As the percentage of raw food on the menu increased, I started to become known as a “raw food chef”.

During Purple Valley’s off-season, I traveled to many different countries assisting raw food chef, cooking for the yoga teacher training and teaching workshops etc. established my career as raw food chef. In Bali, I worked at Radiantly Alive yoga teacher training for over 3 years, providing gourmet raw food for sometimes to 70-80 students and teachers. When Radiantly Alive started offering raw food chef training in addition to their yoga teacher training, I became a raw food teacher as well as a chef. Since then, I have been invited all over the world as a chef for yoga retreats and trainings, and as raw food teacher in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Europe, Morocco, Thailand, Australia and Japan and many other countries.

Since then, I based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, and I have established “Sayuri Healing Food” café & Academy , and also co-founded the other raw vegan café in Bali.

Through my journey of food and yoga, I was searching for love and a connection with nature, every living being and the universe, and I came to the point where my pursuit of searching has now been transformed into the place whereby I share whatsoever I have within.

Whatever I was searching for, I found it always within me.

And it has always been love.

I found myself nourished and deeply touched by giving love in the form of my food.

We eat energy. And we exchange the energy of love though food. If “you are what you eat,” I want to become the love that I eat. I want to become the solid, flowing, shining, and endless love within by eating healthy, nutritious, vibrational food.

I am still on the journey, learning myself. Each experience is precious to further understand myself—the journey of finding the true love within so that I can become the flow of the light. And I know it is my karma to learn that through my food!”

–Sayuri Tanaka