The following TERMS & CONDITIONS apply for all purchases of in-person training and classes at the Sayuri Healing Food Academy.

  • Sayuri Healing Food is not an accredited cooking college, it is a specialty training academy in the field of vegan cuisine.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to secure proper travel documents and an applicable VISA to attend our academy in Bali.

  • Our course prices do not include travel and accommodation.

  • We reserve ourselves the right to change the scheduled class times within the course dates.

  • Recipes given during classes and courses are intended for the sole use of the student and cannot be copied, or distributed. Any misuse of the materials provided in whole or part without the express written consent of Sayuri Healing Food Academy is a violation of our copyright policy.

  • If you feel that our training style and/or content does not suit your expectations, you might want to cancel while attending class. The following cancellation policy applies:

    • 2 Hour Classes/4-day Intensives – no cancellation accepted or reimbursement offered.

    • Sickness – if you have to cancel for medical reasons you can apply the credit of classes missed to future classes offered. A doctor’s note from the country where the training is being held is required. No financial refund is available.

    • “Not a fit for our courses” at Sayuri Healing Food: from time to time a student’s views and opinions may not be in alignment with the philosophy and the ethics of our academy. We will provide an official written warning to the student to correct any disruptions they may be causing to the academy and to other students. If such behaviors persist after the written warning, we reserve the right to remove the student from the academy. No reimbursement will be issued.

    • Travel Cost: It is understood that Sayuri Healing Food is not responsible for reimbursement of travel or lodging expenses should you choose to cancel or if you are not a fit for our academy.