Sayuri Healing Food Certified Chef in the World

Sayuri Tanaka

Vegan & raw retreat chef & raw food trainer, founder of “Sayuri Healing Food”, co-founder of the other raw vegan café in Bali. Passionate to share & bring light, joy, excitement & playfulness to the world! Enthusiastic to assist your individual journey to re- discover each gift of who you truly are through retreats and raw food chef trainings that she facilitates in Bali and around the world. Raw-sweet enthusiasm both to create & eat ;)

Vanessa Alonso

Chemist by profession but her favourite laboratory is actually the kitchen! Her purpose is doing what she loves, which involves healthy foods, nutrition and wellness. Very passionate about environment, animal welfare, mindfulness, yoga and community, she is always eager to learn more about compassionate, eco-sustainable, ethical and healthy ways of living.

Born and raised in Venezuela, moved to Australia but later on ended up quitting her corporate mining job to share and promote her enthusiasm about vegan lifestyle in paradise Bali.


Sayoko Kawai

Former English teacher in Japan who discovered the raw-food world long time ago due to some health issues. Once she started incorporating smoothies and juices daily she discovered amazing benefits and now she thrives on a mostly raw lifestyle.

Eventually she switched her teaching path from English to Raw Foods as she found huge fulfillment in helping others to witness positive changes in their lives by enjoying the benefits of a raw diet.

She currently runs Sayuri Healing Food workshops in Japan.


Sonja Eberhard

Consultant, research and development of plant-based cuisine, raw chef, teacher. Passionate about nutrition and health, creating and transforming organic ingredients into plant-based, tasty and colorful dishes. While she runs her own business in Western Australia, she continues to create new dishes for our cafe.

IG: @plantfood_and_co

Arif Springs

Arif was born into a traditional West Javanese family and learned grassroots ways to heal using local herbs and spices.

He was the driving force behind award-winning raw food restaurant Fresh, and has presented his raw food workshops at several Ubud Writers and Food Festivals.

Owner of Ubud-based wellness product company DJAMOEKOE.

Kumi King

Kumi believes in lifelong learning and loves passing that knowledge forward as a teacher. Formerly a Pilates Instructor, since 2012, Kumi has been deep in the Japanese plant-based culinary scene, teaching but also achieving Macrobiotic Master, Shojin Ryori (Japanese Temple Food) and Fermentation Meister certifications in Tokyo. Kumi’s mission is to help people’s general health by the incorporation of fermented cuisine in everyday life.
Instagram: @Kumiking

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