Sayuri Healing Food Academy

Our Chef Directory

This is a list of some of our accredited Alumni who have completed a Chef Certification in our Food Academy,
and who are worldwide actively working in this field

Amy Elkhoury

Lebanon / Canada – in Hong Kong
Plant-Based Chef, conscious Foodie with background in Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition, Yoga and Animal Rescue. The wizard in her Food Lab “Atelier Nuteese”
RCT1 2018 | RCT2 2018 | CHOC 2018

Nina Ryckewaert

Belgium – in Bali
Holistic psychologist, intuitive eating expert, supporting people in unleashing their potential through nutrition and aroma
RCT1 2017 | RCT2 2018 | CHOC 2018 | RDT1 2019 | VGCHS 2021

Kumi King

Japan – in Japan
Macrobiotic Master, and Fermentation Meister certifications in Tokyo. My mission is to help people’s health by incorporating fermented cuisine in everyday life.
RCT1 2018 | RCT2 2018 | RDT1 2019 | CHOC 2019

Vanessa Alonso

Venezuela – in Bali
Raw vegan chef instructor, whole-foods & plant-based conscious lifestyle.
My purpose is to help people to improve their health and wellness by teaching them how easy and fulfilling vegan food is, and by connecting with nature through empathy, compassion and the healing power of plants.
RCT1 2018 | RCT2 2019 | FERM 2019

Andreea Apostol-Petrescu

Romania – in Macau
My name is Andreea, based in Macau. I’m a Raw Foods and Plant-Based chef, trainer, consultant, and founder of Rawlicious – food from my healthy kitchen.
RCT1 2017 | RCT2 2019

Azizi Birkeland

USA – in Bali
Azizi, a holistic lifestyle coach, guides conscious families in cultivating a deeply healthy and prosperous life of autonomy, abundance and flow. Creator of Tiny Green Chef a plant-based cooking program for kids and families to foster life-long healthy decision making.
RCT1 2019 | RCT2 2019 | VGCHS 2019

Marine Pradere

France – in Bali
As a raw vegan chef, yoga teacher, physiotherapist and holistic health guide, I support people in boosting their vitality & digestion through nutritional alignment, by providing them with tools to live into their fullest expression
RCT1 2019 | RDT1 2019

Monokia Teaira

USA – in Bali
Certified Master Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Alchemist and Transformational Coach. For the last 18yrs, she has dedicated her life to leading women globally to heal from the inside out. Focusing on mind body medicine, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Holistic Life Counselling.
RCT1 2019 | RDT1 2019

Veronika Tomkova

Czech Republic – in Bali
Raw food chef, recipe developer, plant based diet- and Lifestyle Coach, food writer, photographer and digital marketer, based on beautiful Bali, supporting individuals and businesses worldwide in a deep human life transformation.
RCT1 2021

Jibbo Udommana

Holistic & Consultant Chef, Certified Essential Oil Specialist. A bubbly & free-spirited soul, Chef Jibbo is a true blue food connoisseur with not just a taste for what’s nutritious & flavorful but also a knack at making it look SO EASY & FUN to do!
RCT1 2017

Daniela Donoso Paredes

Venezuela, in Bali
Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, Herbalist & Acupuncturist.
Healing and detoxification through natural medicine.
Healing food recipe developer and Detox programs facilitator.
RCT1 2022
Smiling woman in blue aprin

Yuki Kishino

Japanese, in Bali
Raw food chef/ Skinfood chef / Spagyrics herbalist. Sharing how to build relationship with mother nature through her classes.
RCT1 2022
A chef in white aprin

Rafael Carrasco

Spanish, in Bali
Rafael, Executive Raw Chef, Consultant, Trainer, and founder of Naiko with an extensive background in large Hotels & Resort. My purpose is to help companies to elevate above their competitors improving the wellness experience by implementing a new outlet fully oriented to Raw & Healthy food.
RCT1 2019 | RCT2 2022