internationally renowned raw chef training in ubud, bali


Our extensive program fully equips you to pursuit your career as a raw food chef!

Gain not only certification but also the full confidence to apply and integrate your knowledge into your daily life and the full enthusiasm to share your passion with the world.

It is held at our Academy Studio in Ubud, Bali.
Students receive a RAW FOOD CHEF Certification from Sayuri Healing Food Academy at the end of advanced course, which entitles them to register as a Certified Chef on Raw Chef Alliance.

Note: Additionally to this certified Raw Food Chef Training, we also offer 3 other different Certifications: Raw Desserts, Fermentation and Raw Chocolate. For all these 4 trainings, MODULE 1~ 4 is a Fundamental section that is exactly the same content for all our level 1 CHEF TRAINING CERTIFICATIONS. So once you have taken this Fundamental, you can jump in from MODULE 5. (class 3) ( you will have discount for this section from the 2nd training you choose.) If you still want to attend basic course again you can do it for free.

We invite you to the full immersion into a vibrant raw-living food lifestyle. Whether you are searching for a new beginning or purpose to your life, wanting to shift old paradigms and beliefs, simply seeking a healthier choices in life, wanting to provide healthy, delicious and satisfying meals to your loved ones and family, or wanting to open your own health food shop or raw food café, our certification trainings are for you!

At fully equipped workstations you will work in teams to replicate and re-create our Sayuri Healing Food recipes, magic, and techniques.

Each class will have demonstration and hands-on practice. These trainings include lunch from Sayuri Healing Food Café combined with the meals that you will make during the class, a field trip related to the training content, and final graduation dinner party.

As optional activities, we invite people to a lovely group dinner at our popular raw food/plant-based vegan restaurant and we also include a Balinese cultural, spiritual excursion to experience Bali essence on a day off.

You will spend quality time with an inspiring group of people from all over the world, sharing your experiences and learning all from each other. By the end of the course you will have gained confidence in developing your own raw creations.

Through the experience we will share, we will re-connect ourselves to nature to restore and reinforce our health & find our individual paths to a sustainable, peaceful, radiant, and healthy lifestyle!

Dis-ease, is simply dis-harmony from nature. If we align ourselves with the universal energy, our body, mind & spirit will function perfectly, just the way they were designed to. We firmly believe that “what we eat” is one of the easiest ways to access that alignment.

Why do we eat? What is food? What are we made of? If we give off or even are energy & vibration, why don’t we eat light & higher vibration? These are some of the many questions we will examine throughout the training.

Our passion is to share, teach & remind ourselves that we all are fountains of potential. You can do anything you want & you can become anything you want to become. Food is our tool to discover that. For some people, it is painting, singing, playing music, or meditation. We will learn tools to help you discover your true purpose, your dharma, for yourself and all living beings. All this is possible from the simple act of eating!

From Sayuri’s experience, raw-living cuisine is all about playing with flavour, texture & colour! Preparing living food is by far one of the most beautiful works/acts that you can contribute to yourself and to the world. Your life becomes a full spectrum of colours, fruits & flowers, full of joy & excitement, of vibrations through veggies & plants, full of appreciation & gratitude for being nourished by nourishing others, and by becoming the bridge between them & Mother Earth. We will share all our tips to create fun and vibrant raw dishes whether you want to recreate your old traditional dishes or create a totally new contemporary extravaganza. We guarantee you will end up being amazed at how amazing you are!


Our training includes: Classes, manuals, apron, field trip, lunch on all class days, RAW FOOD CHEF LEVEL 1 Certificate from Sayuri Healing Food Academy (see below on certificate for details.)

What is not included: Flights, airport transfers, accommodation.



We are certified plant-based/ raw food educational school of raw food chef alliance ( and our program is entitled to give the students an opportunity to register by themselves as a Raw Food Chef, just like Yoga alliance and Yoga teacher trainings.

On your training completion, you will be in our Raw Food Chef Teachers – Directory on our website.