Who loves cheese and why do you love cheese?

Well, I do love it! I love its creaminess, deeply complex flavor, salty, sweet and melting-in-the-mouth feel! What if I tell you that you can create healthy, delicious vegan cheese without dairy and gluten? That sounds almost too good to be true but those things exist, and they are even beneficial for our health when we get into fermentation.

I am sharing all my enthusiasm and all the tips and tricks with you! I ensure you to make delicious, satisfying, healthy cheese that brings a flavor explosion to your mouth! Learning vegan cheese is about bringing excitement to your life. Learning fermentation is about connecting to the wonder of nature! You will be working with living microorganisms and you will be cultivating the relationship with them!

In this cookbook, you will learn many different types of cheese.

1. Non fermented Vegan Cheese

Chapter 1 is about vegan cheese without fermentation, cooked and raw, it is about how to recreate cheesy flavor, and the family-proven comfort cheese recipes and cheese dishes that everyone loves!

2. Fermented Vegan Cheese

The 2nd chapter is to get into fermentation. Here comes the fun! Not only does this cheese make you happy but also your gut microbes will greatly appreciate it. It’s about making cheese with different flavors and shapes; sliceable aged cheese, logs, and balls.

Camembert & Blue Cheese

Chapter 3 is about using molds to make camembert and blue cheese. You will learn the characteristics of lactic acid bacteria, and the unique characteristics of camembert and blue cheese mold.

4. Condiments & how to serve

The 4th chapter is about condiments such as chutney, raw breads and crackers, candies, and nuts to accompany the cheese plate and cheese board. The last chapter is about cheese-related desserts such as cheesecake and baked cake with cream cheese frosting.

I wish your healthy yummy cheese make people happy and full, bringing joy and love to yourself, your family and to your loved ones!!