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2017 students testimonial

At the beginning of the chef training, Sayuri asked each one of us “what do you want to get out of the course?” I said without a doubt: “I want to learn all the secrets behind your famous desserts”. It was fantastic learning this but in retrospect, that was not the icing on the cake (pun intended). The paradox of it all is being dogmatic towards what one thinks is ultimately healthy is unhealthy.

I’m really grateful to be in the company of plant based chefs and teachers who think this way. A sign of a very mature teacher is one who doesn’t shove information down the student’s throat (because of the training they were accustomed to) but empowers them to find their own balance through smart discernment and experimentation. A teacher who’s not so mature in the health and plant based culinary field is one who will focus on just food or the external stuff forgetting that health starts with cognition. I’ve encountered judgmental vegans who are miserable but people who eat processed food and so called “crap” like crazy but aren’t affected by it as much because mentally, they’re so positive, loving, and don’t do it as a form of self sabotage. Or even people who are yogis in the truest sense of the word but have never stepped on a mat or entered a shala! There are a gazillion other tools and human-created “permission slips” out there to be healthy and what I learned so ironically in a raw chef training is diet is only a tiny speck. Thank you Sayuri for making me discover what health is by expressing it in every way possible. I know we could have learned from you anywhere or in any way but the kitchen was a really great venue for all this!

“Signing up to Sayuri’s the Raw Food Chef training, I let go of any expectations that came with enrolling into a training and to simply enjoy the journey and process of creating heart healthy, vibrant, colorful meals and immersing myself into new professional and personal skills focusing on plant based meals. I was blown away with all the different cuisines that can be created using 100% raw ingredients and the standard ‘how to make nut milk’ which I was always fascinated with but thought the process was a tedious one. Another fascinating section was the Chinese and Macrobiotic discussions and tonics along with getting super creative with the dehydrator. Sayuri made everything look simple with her clear communication skills and a pure representation of raw, vibrant, wholesome energy. She is an absolute joy and made everyday feel like it was a party – never stopped laughing or smiling around her which can make or break the energy of a training.

Our closing ceremony was just as special as the opening circle where a Balinese priest closed our circle with a blessing and we cleared out all the past while walking away with a brand new ‘skill set’. Overall, an excellent intro into the plant based world and watching “strangers” eat and enjoy our food at the closing dinner party took our work to a whole new level. Highly recommend this training and Sayuri’s stellar team who will guide you professionally with a mega dose of laughter throughout 2 solid weeks.

My experience at Sayuri Healing Food academy is from a Level 1 and 2 I attended in April 2019. This was the perfect holiday for me. Waking up each morning joyful and in anticipation of the day in class to come. I would spend an hour at the cafe first having a hot drink and a smoothie bowl. And having a relaxing chat with whomever classmate would come early too. Then it was pure joy to continue the day in class at the back of the cafe, with classmate friends, and Ella (now it’s Vanessa!), Made, and Sayuri. We learned so much, with a prefect mix of theory, demonstration, and practice by ourselves. Many many aspects of health and raw food preparation were covered, with a lot of passion and respect for the food, its origin, and its significance to our wellbeing. And with a constant flow of creativity, both from the teachers and us at presenting our freshly made dishes for lunch or snack. As if it wasn’t enough, we also had some sharing circles (my favorite activity!), we were inspired by several visiting chefs or facilitators, and had some field trips being shown local herbs and a spirulina farm. All in all, this was indeed the perfect holiday for me. And bringing back home so many memories of new friends, students and teachers alike (and the loving employees too). It was a wonderful vibe at what may be the best raw food cafe in the world! It is my absolute favorite. And now, what has been learned has been put into practice in a continuous flow of joy in the kitchen and evolution as a vegan and raw food enthusiast and mentor. Thank you Sayuri

On a visit to Bali in 2016, I discovered Sayuri’s café where I had some delicious meals and the fell back in love with raw food. So I decided to sign up for a level 1 training offered at her café. This allowed me to learn from 2 beautiful ladies Sayuri and Ella and meet some lovely people that became friends. I enjoyed the training so much that I went back to follow level 2 training and the raw chocolatier. Sayuri’s passion for raw food is contagious. She offers fun and informative classes in an environment conducive to learning and experimenting with different recipes. Since I followed the course I decided to delve into raw vegan cheeze making and started my cheeze company. I strongly recommend her courses.

There is so much I could write about my experience doing the Level 1 Raw Food Chef Training but you probably wouldn’t have that much time ;)! In a nutshell, I L.O.V.E.D I.T!!!!!

People come for this course for so many different reasons. I had a faint idea on preparing raw food, my knowledge was basic and mostly from recipes I would read online. But I have come away with so much more than I expected! The course outline provided gives you an idea of what you will cover which is already loads… but in addition you spend your days in the idyllic location that this café is set in, meet people who have so much in common with you, learn from experts including Sayuri and Ella who deliver this course with so much love and yet have the evenings to get involved in beautiful ceremonies or simply lie back and take in the live music at the café (on some nights).

Its coming upto 2 years and my recipe book from Sayuri is falling apart simply because I use it so much! Her recipes and the methods she uses are spot on, easy to implement in day to day life and DO taste amazing even though I am so far away from the lush environment that is called Bali.

If you want to change your life and learn how food should be prepared then sign up to this course because it is much more than just following a recipe. And nobody does it better than Sayuri!

In 2018, I attended the Raw Chef training level 1 and Level 2 at Sayuri’s. I had relished her food and visited her cafe on my visits to Bali before. When I met her in person at the Bali Spirit festival, I absolutely loved her vibe and decided to do my training under her. I thought I was getting into culinary school to only learn technical skills, new recipes and fundamentals of raw nutrition. However after completing the programme and spending a month in a land I’ve come to hold very sacred and dear to my heart, I felt this was a life transformation programme indeed. It was a crucible of like-minded friends coming together to explore new avenues for their healing – raw food being only one such route. Every morning there were yoga sessions at the cafe, evenings were filled with moon-talks, cacao-ceremonies, etc. All- in -all it was such an enriching experience of a lifetime which I am ever so grateful for. Ella and Sayuri were not only mentors but such friendly facilitators eager to share all their knowledge amassed over their years of experience! If you’re looking to learn about plant-food, nutrition , holistic health and wellness of the mind,body and spirit – Look no further !

I have attended raw vegan chef course level 1 at Sayuri’s healing food academy in February 2018. It was a two weeks long course and I had no idea what I was getting myself into?

I have always been very interested in eating healthily and focusing more on preparing fresh vegetables rather than eating animal products….but I had never taken any courses on raw vegan food prior to attending the raw chef #1 at Sayuri’s in Ubud, Bali.

Our group consisted of a broad variety of nationalities and all the participants came with different life experiences and personal goals. We spent from early in the morning till late in the evening together each day. Starting our day with yoga classes and morning-activation activities, then followed by having freshly prepared beautiful raw vegan breakfast before our first practical lesson.

Our instructors, Sayuri and Ella taught us everyday from the first Practical class in the morning, afternoon Lecture then late afternoon Practical class. Both Sayuri and Ella are extremely experienced in this field and they taught us more than what was written on the text books. They were also very positive and made everyone feel very comfortable and even for students who are new to the raw vegan food, they guided us with great patience.

My two weeks of raw chef training was a life changing experience for me. Not only I was so  inspired by the idea of a more plant based lifestyle and how plant based dishes were created, I was also drawn to Bali’s magical culture and lifestyle. In addition, I bonded with like-minded people who have become some of my best friends (Amy and Kelly). I enjoyed my first course so much, that I attended Raw chef Level 2, Raw desserts Level 1 and Raw chocolate Level 1 some months later.

I would highly recommend taking courses at Sayuri’s Healing Food Academy to anyone interested in world-class plant based instruction. Also, anyone who is coming to Bali and is a foodie and wants a great experience. The academy also offers short courses which would be suitable for tourists who are there with limited time duration.

I joined the level 1 of Sayuri’s Raw Chef training mostly for the fun of cooking and eating delicious food for two weeks in Ubud. I had eaten at Sayuri’s Café before and loved everything I tasted, so I gave myself this course as a present for my 28th birthday. Everything about the training exceeded all expectations!

First, Sayuri and Ella shared a ton of knowledge: how to source produce, how to keep the most life energy in the plate, how to make a balanced meal, how to consider nutrition, how to consider ayurveda… but also simpler skills and tips that are useful every day: knife skills, hygiene for fermentation, soaking, sprouting, or even using painter tape to make labels for our boxes! It was all very well taught, fun to learn and very useful.

Second, the 2 weeks course felt like a proper full-time retreat, with Yoga classes, cooking theory classes, cooking practice, and all the meals together. It was awesome to be busy from morning to evening with the same group of lovely people. It quickly felt like a sort of brother/sisterhood that I have never experienced before! Learning together was awesome, but there were also enough heart-centered activities and moments to bond as a group. It felt like an all-in human experience!

Finally, it’s so nice to go home with recipes and tricks that we can truly re-use every day. I am not a professional chef anywhere, but I still use everything I’ve learned. The course renewed and re-energized my love for colourful cooking, and I can’t wait to do another of Sayuri’s trainings!

This fermentation course truly exceeded our expectations.Fermentation is a daunting subject, at least it was, until we took this course with sayuri healing food team.They made these techniques seem so simple and accessible.Now we know how easy it is and we have confidently added many of these amazing recipes into our daily meals.We learned how to make an absolute plethora of different fermented foods; miso, kombucha, water kefir, cheeses, sauerkraut, kimchi, incredible tempeh, vegan yogurts, a delectable cheesecake, and so much more. We learned techniques to enhance our ferments with complimentary flavors and spices.They are excellent teachers, who share the knowledge and magic of fermentation in the most generous way.If you want to take your food and health to the next level, then this course can take you there.

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Really fun vibes and full of knowledges for raw vegan diet which I can start to practice at home. Flavoring hands on was one of my biggest take away for cooking professional delicious dishes.

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This training was amazing, we got so much input in such a short time. I am still integrating and recovering, as it was quite intense for me. I loved that we worked together in groups and interacted so much with all the trainees. It became like family of like-minded people, sharing the passion for healthy food & nutrition. For me it was the first time learning a lot about raw food and I am still amazed of what you can make all raw. I will definitely keep it going back home and I am planning to inspire others by doing workshops and offer raw dinner gatherings etc. :) It was such a good experience, that made my Bali trip super special. Thank you for everything, Sayuri family!

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Since I tasted it for the first time on Sayuri’s menu I was falling in love with the real and unique style. I took Raw chef training I in 2019 and I must confess that was a life experience so far since that moment I begin to understand the principles of such as fermentation, dehydration, etc and how big the impact is on the flavours. Then on Raw Chef II Sayuri show up with the mysticism of Medicinal Chinese mushrooms and blew my mind. So I have an extensive experience in the hospitality industry with over 20 years and I’ve lost my passion for cooking thanks to Vanesa , Made and Sayuri I’m dreaming to align my values and beliefs with my career. Big thanks

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Every aspect of the raw chef’s training at Sayuri from: building a mini-culture in the classroom, lectures and instructional kitchen design, and to the showing (not telling) hands on approach embedded by our daily eat what you create, was superb! Value added included side trips to a spirulina farm and Balinese Hindu Temple where some prayed that their recipes would be successful. But there was never any doubt as the top chef trainers are experienced and patient teachers who are happily available to explain and demonstrate the a to z’s of raw food delights. The other international enrollees quickly become friends on the journal to discover that raw food in addition to being the best way to stay young and healthy is in many ways less complicated and easier to create than cooked food……and tastes delicious. A nice balance between lecture and ‘practicum’. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in living longer and staying healthy. A happy ten days for me!

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I loved learning the techniques hands on when I was in Bali. Making raw food was far less intimidating than I imagined.

I took Raw Food Chef Training online at Sayuri Academy and besides learning so much is lot of fun in the way the lessons are presented. I love all lessons because they are very nice videos and I don’t need to be reading, the lessons are very well and easy explain and Sayuri’s personality make it awesome. Also the Team is really nice and always willing to help and answer very fast any enquiry. This is the best online course that I have taken at the moment. Definitely I will go for more with Sayuri! 💕

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What should I say?! Amazing!!! I am so happy that I did this course. Before the course I didn’t know a lot about raw food, but now I know much more and it’s even more interesting than I thought. Every module is great. This course motivated me every day more and more and gave me ideas for some new dishes. I really enjoyed every dish, but my favorites are the Indian dish and pizza. I would recommend this course to everyone!

Raw dessert chef training was a wonderful experience full of delicious desserts, mind blowing ingredients (like Irish moss), creative challenges. I enjoyed the freedom to alternate original recipes and be creative even at the very beginning of mastering raw cuisine.

Raw Chef Training was everything I wished for and more! It was incredible the personal transformation that occurred through this food training on so many levels. I feel this course allowed me to transform in mind, body and soul. I learned so much about nutrition and healing through food. I am so grateful to the teachers and all Sayuri’s team for this wonderful course. Highly highly recommended and can’t wait to do level 2!

I recently had the privilege of participating in the Sayuri Healing Food Chef Training in Ubud/Bali, and it was truly a life-changing experience. The training was led by incredibly knowledgeable and passionate instructors, who guided us through the principles of raw vegan cuisine and taught us how to create beautiful and delicious dishes using only the freshest, whole food ingredients. The setting for the training was stunning, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the practice of healthy eating and conscious living. The Sayuri Healing Food Chef Training truly felt like a transformative experience, both for my cooking skills and my overall well-being. One of the things that made the training so special was the sense of community and friendship that developed among the participants. We all came from different parts of the world and had different backgrounds and experiences, but we were united by our shared interest in healthy living and sustainable eating. Throughout the training, we supported each other and shared tips and ideas, which created a sense of camaraderie and connection that will stay with me forever. Since completing the training, I have been able to integrate the principles of raw vegan cuisine into my everyday life and into my cooking, even in my Turkish cuisine. I have experimented with using raw vegan ingredients in traditional Turkish dishes, such as creating raw vegan versions of stuffed grape leaves or adding raw vegan dips like beetroot hummus to mezze platters. The skills and knowledge I gained in the Sayuri Healing Food Chef Training have not only transformed the way I eat and cook but have also given me a new perspective on how to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in learning more about raw vegan cuisine and taking their health and well-being to the next level.

The Raw Food Chef Training, my classmates, our instructors, BALI (it’s something transformative and magical about that island 🫶🏽) and the entire Sayuri Healing Food family left me with an intangible gift that I hope others will one day receive and that’s pure love, joy, connection, purpose and healing through food. I HIGHLY recommend this course. The return on investment is 10x fold!

Not only I learned a lot of useful information; I had a transformational experience. I learned how I can use food to heal my body and soul. The staff, teachers and fellow students were amazing and the hands-on practice helped me understand how everything goes together. I laughed, I ate, I cooked, I met friends, I danced, I practiced yoga, I cried, amongs other things. Above all, I gave myself a beautiful gift and I’m forever grateful. Thanks Sayuri for putting this trainings together and sharing your knowledge with others. Thanks Mama Bali

I had a great time studying at Sayuri Healing Food. At first, I thought it will just be a “school” thing but we did all sorts of things outside school. I made new friends from all over the world and we still get in touch even if we are miles apart. Aside from food, the relationships we have with each other made me grateful. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Sayuri and everyone from Sayuri. They changed my life. This is purely magical.

I’m from Thailand and didn’t know much about raw vegan food and I want to know so I came here and learnt level 1 that already blow my mind about raw vegan food and taste so real. The teachers very kind and friendly they will tell you everything you want to know. I had very good time and feel like home here then I came back for level 2 that more detail. I think if you interesting about raw vegan you should try here and might get you many idea to do in your life. I’ll keep come back here for more course and can’t wait for level 3 ! 😊