Sayuri Online Academy Affiliate Program

Join our community around the world and become our valued partner.

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We are happy to inform you about our affiliate program. Sayuri Healing Food welcomes everyone with interests in raw and vegan food and a more healthy lifestyle. Due to a current situation in the world, we decided to expand our community and share our gifts worldwide, creating Online Courses available to everyone anytime. If you love our cafe, food, academy, and community in Bali and want to help spread the word about our online products join our Affiliate Program.

The Sayuri Online Academy is part of “Sayuri Healing Food” brand offering raw vegan courses online on www.sayurionlineacademy.com.

What is it?

The Sayuri Online Academy Affiliate Program allows you to be an advocate for Sayuri’s Cooking courses online offered on www.sayurionlineacademy.com and make a commission on each new paying subscriber that enrolls for the online courses through you.

Why should you become a Sayuri Online Academy Affiliate?

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Earn high commissions 

You can earn 30% commissions on sales.

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Profit from high sales prices.

Our lowest price for a course is $97 USD.

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Contact us anytime

As our affiliate partner, you can contact our support team anytime if you need assistance.

Who can be an Affiliate?

Are you interested in raw and vegan food? Are you always passionate about cooking something healthy and exploring new recipes? Do you curate content relevant to Sayuri Healing Food? Then this program is for you.

Already an Affiliate?

Access your dashboard to use Affiliate tools and monitor your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Sayuri Online Academy Affiliate?

Apply to join the program. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email introducing you to the program.

How do I set up my affiliate links?

Once you are accepted into the affiliate program, you will have access to Sayuri‘s Online Academy Linkmaker to help you create links for referrals so you’ll be able to track your activity and earnings.

Where do I see my commissions?

Once you are actively promoting your affiliate links and you begin to generate clicks and sales, you will see your performance data and commissions in the Affiliate Dashboard.

How to get commissions with your affiliate link?

Here’s how to get started:

• Tell your friends, workmates and clients about it!
• Post about Sayuri Online Academy and courses on your social media and in relevant social media groups
• Put your affiliate link in your blog posts
• Write a LinkedIn article about interactive content and put your affiliate link in it
• Mention Sayuri Online Academy and courses in your email newsletter
• And so much more..
If you have questions about the Sayuri Online Academy Affiliate Program, do not hesitate to contact us via partners@sayurihealingfood.com