Welcome to the best raw food introduction!

If you are new to raw food, or are already enticed by raw foods and want to introduce its wonderful benefits to your loved ones and family, yes, raw sweets are the perfect start because they are simply by far more delicious, healthy, nutritious, and charged full of enzymes and love‼
Isn’t it like a dream come true that all these fancy desserts are made without animal products, wheat, or white sugar and all the muffins and cookies are made without baking! Banana pancakes, muffins, crepes, banana bread, fig comport, jam, “cream cheese,” “Nutella,” vanilla whippy cream, delicate mousses and puddings, serious cakes and crumbles, tiramisu, doughnuts and frostings, a variety of cheesecakes with swirls, dreamy yummy pies, cookies and biscuits, chocolates and truffles, “snickers bars” and fudges, superfood power bliss balls, delicious ice creams and banana splits—all dairy-, wheat- and white-sugar free! It’s almost too good to be true but these desserts do exist! This book is for all the sweets lovers who want to fully enjoy and indulge in desserts without worrying about gaining weight, (oops, depend how much you eat though :)

The words from the world yogis…

To make delicious and nutritious raw food is a great skill. Sayuri, however, accomplishes this and takes it to another level—art. Everything she creates—including this book—she infuses with beauty, grace, and her infectious smile. If we can glean even a little of her joy in food, we will be smiling too.
-by Daniel Aaron, director of Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Bali
I still remember the excitement when I first tried her food. Not only beautiful, colorful presentation and creativity, her food always fills me with joy, contentment and deep love. Her food teaches me the importance of good nourishing food and the joy of eating & preparing. May more & more people be nourished their heart with her food!
-by Aki Tsugawa, Ashtanga teacher, Japan