Sayuri’s Food for Yogis and Everyone

Vegan raw food chef Sayuri Tanaka offers the experience of what it’s really like to nourish your body and heart through her food. Being a yoga practitioner herself, she has been preparing food for thousands of yogis for many years and has finally put it all together. You’ll enjoy the recipes that have world-wide reputations, such as Thai pumpkin coconut soup, Pad Thai noodles, Koran savory pancakes, tofu pizza, quinoa salad, tofu dips and carrot dips, baked spring rolls, tempeh burgers, unique pasta recipes, Indian meals, Chinese sweet and sour, Balinese tempeh sate, muffins, the most famous easy tofu chocolate pie and more! It also includes the essential techniques on nut milk, cooking grains and beans, kitchen staples, equipment and gadgets, as well as an introduction to raw recipes. The best part of her recipes is—they’re all super simple. Anyone can create them.

You are guaranteed to feel joy making these recipes, resulting in happiness for your body and your heart. As yoga transforms you, so does her food—guaranteed!

She presents the recipes as a guideline for you to set yourself free and be creative and experimental in life. She demonstrates that preparing food is fun and enjoyable and a special way to make yourself happy,
to make people around you happy and full, to make the world better, and to make our future beautiful!
She wishes for readers to experience the real nourishment of making food for others, which has always been for herself. She is the author of the book, Sayuri’s Raw Food Café and many more.

The words from the world yogis…

“When any action is born of the seed of pure intension, when it is carried out with clarity and love, the energy produced is potent and transformative. Light, clear, fresh, alive, pure radiant and joyful. These are words that describe both Sayuri and her cooking. Makes you smile in anticipation.”
– Dena Kingsburg, Ashtanga yoga teacher, Australia

“Sayuri’s food is some of our favorite around the world. Taste and health combines in her delicious dishes – we could eat it all day, all year!”
– Kino Macgregor & Tim Feldman, Ashtanga yoga teacher, USA

“I love Sayuri’s food! She never stops improving and creating more amazing dishes and recipes. Many friends in the yoga and healthy food communities agree with me that she is our favorite chef by far. Yummy food, yummy vibe.”
– Clayton Horton, Ashtanga yoga teacher, Philippine